4 Hacks For Better Sleep

Quality and timely sleep is one of the most important aspects in anyone’s routine. While it is suggested every adult gets up to 8 hours sleep nightly, a full and meaningful rest can be accomplished with less sleep. Here are 5 hacks everyone can utilize for a better night’s rest:

1) Keep it Cold: During the summer months it’s important to keep the bedroom chilled to keep you from overheating. According to the Huffington Post, the ideal sleep conditions are somewhere between the temperatures of 60 to 67 degrees. Of course, this is up to personal preference and how much you’re willing to spend on your power bill.

2) Don’t Eat Before Bed : Your body isn’t designed to digest food right before sleeping. Eat an early meal, enjoy some time on the couch, and let yourself digest your meal. If you must eat later in the night, opt for a lighter meal that won’t be too taxing on your body.

3) No Electronics In Your Bedroom: The bedroom is for sleeping, so if you can avoid the temptation to lay in your bed and scroll through your phone. If you’re not sleepy, stay in another room until you’re tired enough to lay in bed and fall asleep. By doing this you will condition yourself to associate your bed with quality sleep.

4) Keep The Pets Away : Sleeping with your furry friend might seem cute and like a great idea, however, for the both of you it will be more comfortable if you keep separate spaces. Dogs and cats are notorious for moving a lot at night, being noisy, and overall being terrible sleeping partners. If you’re looking to improve your sleep and you have a pet in the bed, try out a few nights away from them.

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