7 Netflix Shows That Can Help You Sleep

Sometimes, after a stressful day, we try to figure out some relaxing way as we are about to get ready to go to bed. It is not just easy to shut our active eyes and our busy brain too. We all have our different tactics to get ourselves ready to go to sleep. Some like listening to the radio, reading books, or doing relaxing chores and the like. It all depends on what feels most comforting for you. However, you could choose some of the Netflix shows until you fall asleep. Here are some of the most relaxing choices that you may might want to give a watch before bed.

1: ‘Chef’s Table ‘ – A story of a top chef who has a low pace and is set to relaxing music-making that suitable for bedtime.

2: Chill With Bob Ross – It has a soothing voice, relaxed vibes, and beautifully painted landscapes. Plus who doesn’t love Bob Ross?

3: Planet Earth – Taking you into the different sceneries all over the world including caves, jungles, mountains and the like. The soothing commentary is just the thing to make you relax

4: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – Driving around a car with the comedian Jerry Seinfeld who chats with big famous celebrities.

5: Amazing Interiors – The show focuses on different houses, home range from the most expensive paradise down to a Chicago Cubs-themed man-cave.

6: Queer Eye – Features the five guys with different expertise and of different infectious personalities and have their lives transform for the better. Typically for those who want to cry before bed.

7: The Toys that Made Us – The show reminisced about popular toys from your childhood. This show is both interesting and mellow enough to put you right to sleep.

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