Better Outdoor Emergency Sleeping Bags

sleeping bag

Emergencies can happen anytime & anywhere.  Preparing ahead of any incident plays a crucial part in ensuring your safety and comfort at the same time.

This article would tell you about emergency survival sleeping bags that will equip or prepare anyone for unforeseen circumstances. Specifically, the size, weight, compressed size, insulation, and temperature rating were to consider in comparing these sleeping bags.

Here are some options to choose from:

  • Bundle Monster Cool Weather Camping Sleeping Bag

A synthetic insulated sleeping bag that has a lower temperature rating of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This also includes ThermoLock that reduces heat loss through its zipper. The product is durable and waterproof nylon. This comes with a compression sack that will enable the sleeping bag to be packed in a small and saved space.

  • Emergency Survival Mylar Thermal 2-Person Sleeping Blanket

An emergency space blanket fashioned into a sleeping bag shape. It is made up of Mylar that makes it windproof and waterproof. The product could retain body heat up to 90% when used properly. This is a non-breathable bag that means to say moisture had no way to escape. 

The sleeping bag accommodates 2 individuals but the only thing is that this is not durable and is also difficult to repack. This is small and lightweight, making it a more desirable choice for an emergency.

  • Naturehike Outdoor (Camping Envelope) Sleeping Bag 

Has a synthetic filling that is efficient to retain body heat. Comes in a size of 75 by 29.5 inches with a weight of 2 pounds only. The material is made of 320D nylon which is tough and durable. Still comes with a compression sack so the sleeping bag can be packed into a small size. Its insulation will make your stay warm and comfortable to sleep in.

  • Adventure Medical Kits Escape Bivvy

This is made up of Mylar but is breathable and with a reflective material. It is also waterproof and windproof. Designed with a hood to surround the user’s head and trap the heat inside. This is considered the best bare-bones emergency sleeping bag since it is highly functional and can be counted on for emergencies. It is however more expensive than the other sleeping bags but of excellent quality.

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