Better Sleeping Gadgets

We all love to sleep, but we also love gadgets. Sometimes, we prefer to be with our gadgets too and sometimes become addicted to them rather than prioritizing our sleep. Slumbering is sometimes disturb by what we do, we often pay attention precisely to other things before sleep. Nowadays, people are so much destructed with modern technology products and gradually increase the rate of sleepless nights of an individual.

Science had explained the relevance of rest during the night as our cells were being repaired and rebuilt for you to use on the following day. However, there are still technology products made and designed for you to have a blissful night’s sleep. Hope that these gadgets for sleeping aides might work for you.

  1. Kokoon Relax Headphones

You can benefit from the audio of this Kokoon for mind relaxation by just choosing the app from white noise tracks and more typical relaxing sounds like ocean waves or rainfall. The app will allow you to capture sleep tracking data and can be used outside. The product featured active noise cancellation and passive noise isolation.

  1. Philips Hue White and Colour Starter Kit

A kind of light that also contains a variety of white shades

that could imitate the setting of the sun at night and will gradually dim down as you sail your mode to sleep. There is also a wake-up routine that will work as your alarm device, this will naturally wake you up too.

  1. Casper Glow Light

This glowing light mimics the sunrise of the sunrise that will pull you up from slumber and is automated to dim its light from light to night glow as it adjusts the level of its brightness. This glowing light is unique for you to pick-up as you give a little shake and will accompany you to the kitchen for a possible midnight break. Its light has controls even up to extending it to other rooms. This is an advantage to those with children.

  1. DreamOn Sleep Aid

This is a wearable device that gives off gentle pulses that 

will help you relax and sleep. This sleeping aid has a designated app that includes a sleep tracker and also an option of audio tracks for unwinding, meditation for you to listen to and address your body to fall asleep. This can be used at all ages and can help you get back to sleep faster if you wake up at midnight as you try to nap in the daytime.

  1. Dodow

A wireless device on your bedside table that projects a ray of blue light that contracts and expands within eight minutes. Dodow claims that it will gradually slow down your breathing therefore it is capable of putting oneself to a perfect relaxing state with the blue light that calms you from any mental chatter.

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