How to Get Great Sleep During Stressful Times

Your bedroom should be one of the most stress free places in your house. A place that you can forget your troubles and get a good, quality sleep every night. With the majority of Americans being in quarantine, times can be troubling and stress could be high resulting in a bad night’s sleep. Here are some tips to help improve your rest : 1) Think About The Size Of Your Bed: If you’re a larger human sleeping on a twin mattress, chances are that you’re just not comfortable. Consider upgrading to a larger mattress if possible to increase your quality of sleep. 2) Comfort Matters: Is your mattress old or hard as a rock? Consider some alternatives to improve the comfort of your sleep. A great solution to a hard mattress is purchasing a mattress topper in the mean time. 3) Air Circulation: Moving air is imperative to be sure that you’re staying cool and refreshed throughout the night. A fan will also double as a great solution for white-noise . . . something to block out unwanted sounds during the night and keep you focused on being relaxed. 4) Temperature is Key: Play around with the thermostat at night to find the ideal room temperature for you while sleeping. Studies suggest somewhere between 67-69 degrees is ideal, however, that varies between people.

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